Alistair Pent

Seeker of Lathander


Alistair Pent grew up in a town of Taric’s Landing as the son of the local chronicler. Long before he was born a wizard had built a hidden sanctum in town where he studied various magical artifacts; when the wizard died of old age (back when that was possible) the location was lost with him. Most people had given up on ever finding it but by pouring over the records his father’s family had kept and careful searching Alistair managed to track it down in the forest outside town.

Curiosity got the better of him and he began exploring inside, inadvertently tripping a guardian golem. The golem tried to kill him but at the last moment he was saved by a group of knights. Once the golem was dispatched and they were sure he was okay they escorted him back to Taric’s Landing. They belonged to an order called the Seekers of Lathander, a group dedicated inspiring and protecting others by uncovering ancient relics and lore. They had come to Taric’s Landing hoping to find a particular artifact of Lathander supposedly in the wizard’s sanctum.

When the group was about to leave after they had finished searching Alistair asked if they would take him on as an apprentice in the Order, partially grateful their rescue, partially really interested in the notion of knights themselves. They eventually accepted and he has since spent the past 10 years training to become a knight.

He had just finished taking his final oaths when a new a lead came in on a particular artifact that could shed light on what had caused the world to become the way it is. Seeing this as a very important quest almost all the senior knights were dispatched to find it whereas Alistair was told to remain at headquarters due to his still relative inexperience.

Eight months have passed since then and contact was lost with the knights some time ago. Something has clearly gone wrong but there aren’t many resources for Alistair and the remaining knights to draw upon. Alistair has volunteered to head out on his own to at least find the trail the senior knights were following and hopefully shed some light on what happened. To that end he’s on his way to meet with Marcus Trevelyan, a historical scholar who has frequently worked with the order before giving and analyzing info.

Alistair Pent

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