Anytus Sympos

The pious and wise leader of Mercy


Race: Human
Height: 5’ 9’’
Eyes: Deep Blue
Hair: Blond
Age (frozen): 56

When in battle, can be seen with a gilded tower sheild decorated with the Heironius sigil.


Anytus Sympos was born and raised in a now dead and forgotten city. He still very well remembers the days before the break of the Life/Death cycle.

Hailing from a highly religious bloodline, his father before him was a Cleric of Heironeous. Anytus reliably followed in his footsteps and took the lessons of Heironious deep into his heart. As a man, Anytus served as a High Paladin of Heironeous and worked as an enforcer for his temple. The position was offered to him in recognition of his decades of unyielding service. The temple found Anytus to be a true asset since his temperament could be both intimidating to wrong-doers and inspiring to followers.

Through and through, Anytus is a man of faith and carries the Heironeian values of Duty to the People, Duty to Heironious and the Church, and Duty to a Lady at both work and at home. To some Anytus is the paragon of a pious hero.

These days, Anytus is the founder and High General of the entire Mercy organization. Not one for tucked away administration, Anytus can be found fighting in-step with his brothers-in-arms regularly.

Anytus Sympos

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