The Dark Bard


A half-Elf with black hair and dark eyes, Karsus has a very dramatic appearance. Often, he wears dark leather clothing. The more straps and chains, the better.


Karsus (car-sus), also known as the Dark Voice spends his time wandering through temples, city squares, and dives all around Eyeasear, spreading his dark hymns with almost religious passion.

His music is known for its morbid and persecuted themes. This has made him extremely controversial in some regions. Certain Nobles or other governing bodies have accused his music of corrupting the youth. Certainty, cases can be made that Karsus’ music glorifies anti-establishment, self-harm, and death itself.

Melodically, Karsus is known to use magic to alter both the sound of his voice and his instruments. Swinging from ethereal whispers to harsh and pained bellows, Karsian concerts make for a memorable experience. Especially when he hosts them in ruined temples of Nerull.

He is known for many songs. Most notably,

“Feels so good”
“Reclaim His place”
“Cross the line, feel alive”
“The Jury is coming”


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