Breena Edelweiss

Mercy affiliated wizard


Human “alchemist” (wizard)
female, age 20
neutral good

Breena is an orphan raised from a young age by the Edelweiss, a family of wealthy alchemists/inventors with close ties to Mercy. One of their most profitable creations is a popular brand of Still. They use the earnings to fund their research into the undead and to finance Mercy.

She wasn’t really that interested in books despite her natural talent with potions, and was a little wary of the rumors surrounding her family’s research, so after completing her studies she joined Mercy to get closer to the action. She wants the world to be self-sustaining like the stories about the time before the Break, and the first step to doing that is cleansing the undead from the world of the living.

Breena Edelweiss

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