Vanya Ruberre

Elven ranger, academic


Wood Elf
Age (frozen): 316


Vanya grew up in a secluded elf enclave of Nyrmitil, where she got a standard Elven education in the finer points of ranging and the mystic arts. After spending much of her young life there, the Break occurred, and many Elves of the enclave ventured out to try and investigate what was happening, Vanya included.

Vanya spent the next 40 or so years of her life studying in Stoa, meeting a wide variety of people as everyone became adjusted to the new way of “life”. Once life got stale there , she started traveling again, exploring new lands and seeing how people all over Eyeasear were dealing with the result of the Break, and their resulting philosophies

Vanya is now spending her time roaming the land, to learn what she can about the Break and whatever else people are willing to teach.

Vanya Ruberre

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