Maws are the stuff of the Eyeasear realm’s nightmares. Formed over the century since the break of the Life/Death cycle, Maws are massive roaming hordes of undead that sweep over the lands like a hellish weather pattern.

Unpredictable in their path and speed, Maws do not usually move with a purpose. Also, not all Maws are the same. They can differ widely in size, and variety of undead within them. Horrifically, this means it is difficult to know how dangerous an incoming Maw is.

Villages, cities, and keeps all have had to learn how to deal with Maws. Luckily, those settlements that currently still stand have most likely survived the passing of a Maw, and have learned how to install adequate defenses. However, many ruins and ghost towns dot the continent – reminders that not all were ready for the changes the Break brought on.

It’s worth noting that helping to thin down the numbers of undead – or even directly engage a Maw is seen as a necessity and entire careers have been born from the undead. Not only will Mercy target Maws, but contracted Guilds, and small teams of people will also act at “Storm Chasers”. Money is available to those prepared to face the undead.


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