Minora is a modest village sitting at the base of the cold, northeastern Gelt Mountain Range. Specializing in hunting, mining, and smithing, Minora is the place to be for aspiring weapon and armor makers. For this reason, the town is also a definite on any caravan’s trade route. New people, travelers, merchants, and aspiring artisans often come through Minora’s Pine Cart Tavern.

Mostly, the people living in Minora are common folk with a salt-of-the-earth feel. The village is not much to look at, and lacks modern entertainment like theater and song – but it is overwhelmingly calm and peaceful. Piney forests and clear lakes surround the town.

Many villages like Minora are dotted around the continent. Since Death’s End though, these locations are sometimes raided by those attempting to pillage for resources. Most small villages have therefore began becoming more militant, fostering a culture where even common folk are able to fight.

Minora is no such place.

Villagers living in Minora will tell you different things about why they don’t have to fear raiders. Rumors tell that they are protected by a great dragon-slayer. Others will say an actual dragon protects them. Others still will simply say no one wants to deal with the Gelt region’s cold and grey weather.


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