Grodach Bloodpaw

Half-orc druid with a questionable diet


A very hairy half-orc. Stands taller than most and wears hide armor from animals he’s hunted. Often smells of fresh blood and can be seen picking his teeth with a bone toothpick. It was carved from the femur of a poacher who hunted his forest for sport and displayed the resulting undead animals as trophies in his twisted gallery.


Grodach never intended to set out on the path of the druid, but after seeing his whole clan murdered by a corrupt sect of the city guard, turning into the undead, and then slaughtering said sect, he knew he couldn’t watch from the sidelines anymore as the death cycle continued to spiral out of control.

Orphaned and homeless, Grodach retreated into the nearby forest to fend for himself. He received much training from his father in the ways of hunting and survival. Rule number one was always, “waste nothing.” This became his motto and soon, his solution to the broken cycle.

Occasionally, hunters would venture into his forest to hunt game. Grodach had no problem with sharing the land, but he discovered that some of them were hunting simply for sport. This went against everything he believed in, so he hunted the hunters and cut them down. After killing them, he would loot their corpses for supplies, but was unsure of what to do with the bodies. He buried them, but some came back as zombies, which he promptly destroyed. He thought about burning the bodies, but the ash would be useless and would not be in the spirit of his motto. So, the only option remaining would be to use the flesh and bones like any other kill.

He didn’t immediately begin eating the bodies directly. He started off using the meat as bait for larger prey, like bears and wolves. However, it soon started to feel like a needless extra step to getting his nourishment for the day. So it wasn’t long before he fed on the bodies himself. To be safe, however, he never did so in his humanoid form, lest he be mistaken for a cannibal living in the wood. He would instead turn into some sort of animal, typically a bear, before digging in.

Now, don’t misunderstand, him would never seek out and actively hunt people. Animals were always he first choice. But if trouble found him, well, he had no reservations.

Grodach Bloodpaw

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