Asarco is a relatively young organization that was born out of the issues created when death ended. It started as a grassroots organization, but gained power when certain individuals and cities began endorsing their practices. They are by no means universally powerful. Depending on where you are Asarco can either have legitimate legal authority, or members are killed upon discovery.

Those who join Asarco, are driven by a simple idea. There are enough resources to support the current population. And only that. Topics such as serialization, sexual intimacy, and even rights to have and raise a family are things that Asarco has taken heavy opinions on.

Asarco is incredibly controversial because of this stance. Some people see them as practical and necessary. Others believe they attempt to claim authority over people’s lives that no one should hold.

Members of Asarco can be seen in all ranks of society. Many common peoples can share the same opinions of Asarco. Individuals with power or wealth can either align themselves with and fund Asarco activities or fight them.


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